When you exit the black-and-blue area you will be at the checkpoint. Go up and find the first button. The things to do up ahead are to kill the turtles with the guns and get the Rapid Fire. Use these to your advantage. I’m just going to give the straight solution and not guide you off- course here because this is such a difficult area what with the turtles on hovering boards. Be sure to get the fire shield before you leave.

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You will have to use RF-Missiles to kill the flying swords because your normal blaster cannot reach them from a standing position. I answer all mail that is directed to this account, so don’t be afraid to send whatever it is you find expedient to tell me. Take the blue springboard all the way to the right to get to the exit. Go up and find the first button. You have to be very exact in the surfaces iackrabbit hit to make the jump though. Hold the down arrow key so jackrabbit can stay grounded and shoot the sign.

Epic Megagames legt eine sehr respektable Leistung vor, die Freunde von schnellen Geschicklichkeitsspielen auf jeden Fall ausprobieren sollten. Sitzungscookies laufen am Ende der Browser-Sitzung ab und ermöglichen es Talking Games, Benutzeraktionen während dieser jac,rabbit Sitzung zu verknüpfen.

jazz jackrabbit

The thing is, this one is the easiest boss yet. In the slippery icy area past the checkpoint, jxckrabbit are two paths you can take. You’ll lose the Jaaz shortly after you go to the left of the checkpoint. He’s very useful, but you’ve gotta be careful where you make your jumps so you don’t lose him. Get rid of all the spiked balls and go to the far left, plummeting downward and getting the RF-Missiles in your path.


Use these to your advantage. This is where you find the gem for the bonus jzzz along with several more Rapid Fire guns. You’re gonna have to see what Button 1, Button 2, etc. The path is very direct up until the area with several pipes and a lot of fuel.

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Det här spelet passar hela familjen. Shoot it, as it is pretty early on in the level. You can shoot while ducking.

Released Platform DOS. After the checkpoint, hold Alt or the jump button on your joystick to get a better boost to the fallen stars. Items and Weapons VI. Nothing really of note to be listed here. There are two separate displays, one for enemies and one for items. Just go as far right as you can and then take the slope down to the left.

The red buttons that you mackrabbit to shoot to raise the fuel level are not as abundant, and most of the tubes you go through have holes in them and fuel merely trickles through, but has a strong enough current to carry you it is easily resisted.


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Intro jxckrabbit Notes III. Useful when you have collected several Rapid Fire guns. You can get yet another extra life if you hold right while speeding through the tube. Basierend auf Jazz 2 erschienen einige Level-Erweiterungen: Make it to the rocket springboards and hold to the right when you jump on one.

There are several pits with blue springboards in them. Works especially well while Jazz is running. When you meet the checkpoint sign, go to the right and blast through the bugs and the barriers. Keep going to the right until you reach the bridges with golden spheres bouncing up at you like Podoboos the fireballs from the Mario Brothers games.

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If you fall between the „towers“ you won’t jasz anything except springboards to take you back up. Concern yourself only with making it to the middle, which leads up to an ascending corridor with bouncy walls on both sides of you. Shoot the bottom spiked ball in every column and then duck under the others. When you want to go in the tube that leads to the right, jump up to it.

jazz jackrabbit

You should see an arrow pointing down, but nothing suggesting that you venture on and see what is to the right.